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Strong Antwerp Food Policy

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Our food system needs to become more local, sustainable and resilient. Cities have taken a leading role in this policy domain in recent years. They play a key role in their concrete impact on the ground. They are close to their citizens, farmers, social organisations, and entrepreneurs and can initiate and support initiatives from there.

With the Antwerp food strategy, there is now a cross-cutting food policy and strategic framework for approaching the various links in the food system in a more sustainable way.

Let us supported the participation and revision process together with Rikolto, Commons Lab, and Levuur. This involved setting up broader participation moments but also targeted surveying of specific target groups, such as the hospitality industry. This resulted in a policy that is based on three basic principles, which are translated into three concrete chapters of the strategy: forward-looking (Food of the Future), inclusive (Everyone at the table), and reducing food waste (Nothing is Wasted). Throughout the chapters, the strategy is seasoned with four values or 'flavor enhancers': innovative, inclusive, circular, and culinary. Because the ultimate goal is concrete results that strengthen Antwerp's position as the culinary capital, seven impact makers are also included throughout the strategy, which are linked to concrete examples. These include projects such as a food hub or culinary center, as well as tasty schools and inclusive neighborhoods.

With the strategy, the city now has a framework for determining priorities and objectives in its own approach to food.

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