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B(re)adly needed

Strengthening the society starts at school. Too many children and young people come to school with an empty or unhealthy lunchbox. Learning, playing and concentrating are not possible when you are hungry. As a result, children fall behind in learning and their educational disadvantage continues to grow.

B(re)adly needed is an initiative that aims at ending hunger at school. On the one hand by addressing the problem. On the other hand, by creating a solution in the form of solidarity.

Let us brought people and organisations to the table who together could initiate the necessary change. In Enchanté vzw we found the crucial partner to kickstart the project and to further propagate it. This non-profit organization strives for a society where everyone belongs, even those with fewer opportunities. It brings people in society in connection. In their 'welcoming places' (hartelijke plekken) one person can treat someone in need to something (e.g. a meal). We apply the same principle in schools and the direct environment. In addition to Enchanté vzw, we also brought schools, social organisations, cities, retail, producers... to the table. This is how we co-created B(re)adly needed. A platform via which involved schools call on their direct environment to make a big difference with a small gesture. Parents, family, friends, local traders,... roll up their sleeves or treat to a soup, hot meal or filled lunchbox.

This idea hinges on strong communication. In DeLaSoul, we found the ideal partner. This communication duo creates stories that touch and inspire people for initiatives that nourish people and the planet. 'Learning falls heavy on an empty stomach' tells the story of B(re)adly needed with an impactful storyline and accessible visual style.

By connecting the right people and cocreating solutions with them, B(re)adly needed grew rapidly from 10 schools to more than 60 schools in six cities in a year's time. We stirred up politics and tugged at heartstrings in the media. This is how we inspire people to strengthen solidarity and together fill thousands of lunchboxes where it is much needed.

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