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Let us start change... together

With a tailor-made approach, together we create innovative and sustainable solutions for your project. We provide a healthy breeding ground from which we bring your project to life.


The ingredients: our in-depth and broad expertise and versatile network.

Zwarte aarde



Changing the world is only possible when the right parties find and strengthen each other in unprecedented ways.

Let us has a highly versatile, global network of policy makers, companies and organizations, producers and entrepreneurs with an impact on the food system. We bring together the most diverse parties, many of whom do not spontaneously find each other, and prove to be crucial to each other and the world.


Everyone in the food system makes a difference, and together we create the greatest possible impact.


Let us facilitates the cocreation process at all levels with multi-stakeholder design thinking. With a focus on effectiveness and measurable impact, we help create consultation structures, build innovative food strategies, provide measurable follow-up after launch, and so much more. Each project is unique, and so is our approach.



No innovation, without inspiration. Let us provides exchange of knowledge in breadth and depth.


From perspective creators in debates, the political agenda and media, to peer-to-peer processes. We bring together diverse actors from our food system, facilitate in-depth exchange of expertise and provide targeted training.



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