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  • Katrien Verbeke

Sustainability in the global chain

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

How do you address sustainability challenges throughout the entire food value chain? How do you ensure that the producer at the end of the chain receives a viable income for their work? And who takes on which role in this process?

In a scoping study for IDH, Let us and TheRockGroup investigated whether the topic of living income in the Belgian food sector is on the agenda, and where and how the most impact can be achieved.

Through desk research, but mainly through a number of interviews with key figures throughout the food chain and NGOs, we gained some sharp insights. Insights on where the levers are, what is needed, or where the bottlenecks lie. Based on this, recommendations were formulated to strengthen the operation of IDH and anchor the topic of living income in the food chain. To bridge the gap between research and the working of IDH, a workshop was held with an international team from IDH to convert the conclusions into concrete follow-up steps.

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