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  • Katrien Verbeke


Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Schools play a crucial role in society in implementing our food policy in practice. In schools, we have levers to encourage children to eat healthier and more sustainably, to provide them with knowledge, and from there to involve the broader community.

In this European project, Let us is strengthening an international team with ICLEI and Rikolto to work on good nutrition in as many as 16 cities or regions with 3,000 schools and 600,000 students. Let us focuses on coaching the cities and teams to learn from each other and to bring the right stakeholders around the table at the local level to advance the processes. With the 'Whole School Food Approach', we ensure that food is a powerful ingredient in schools across Europe not only to nourish students but also to promote education, participation, and collaboration with the community and farmers.

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