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  • Katrien Verbeke

Pot Up: Weck'd stories

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Food creates numerous chances. It connects people, but also offers a lot of economic opportunities. Opportunities not only to cook and eat together, but also to develop products that can generate revenue.

Pot Up is tackling a number of challenges simultaneously. New Pot Up products are developed from local Ostend leftover streams. The makers are the residents of the Ostend municipality who contribute knowledge sourced from their heritage or diverse backgrounds. Throughout workshops, they are guided by experts and offered inspiration and knowledge about local products and food waste streams. Ultimately, they express their own culinary story in a product that fits into a pot and is ready to conquer the Ostend market.

Let us works together with EIT Food and Antenne/the City of Ostend to steer this process in the right direction and also offer economic opportunities to Ostend's residents in vulnerable situations through food and stories. The first 10 products have been made in a test version, assessed by a jury and adjusted, and will be marketed soon.

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