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  • Katrien Verbeke

Get Wasted as a marketplace for food surpluses

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

A lot of food is being wasted in our food chain, most of which is perfectly fit for consumption. Get Wasted offers a new online marketplace where these large-scale surpluses find a professional outlet. Producers and wholesalers can offer their surpluses for sale and institutional kitchens get access to affordable and perfectly usable fresh food.

Let us is herein a partner of EIT Food, the coordinator of Get Wasted. Let us contributes to this project by providing strategic coaching, engaging the right partners, scaling up Get Wasted and developing grant applications. In this way, a broad partnership is being built with numerous stakeholders on board: cities, social economy, businesses and schools.

By cocreating and piloting the platform with local partners, we are building a solution tailored to the needs in the field. Thanks to Get Wasted, numerous soups and smoothies based on surplus fruit and vegetables have already been produced for schools in Antwerp. Soon the platform will also be launched in Leuven.

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