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Food pioneers in governments

Updated: Jan 18

Numerous cities, provinces and governments are working to establish impactful food policies. As they pursue this goal, many encounter similar barriers and challenges.

In a learning network of food pioneers, food pioneers from local and regional governments are pushing each other forward.

Together with Levuur, we bring together about a dozen food pioneers each time in a year-long project. It is a story of exchange in which we combine powerful inspiration visits with in-depth peer-to-peer learning, where the experiences and solutions of the one push the other forward. We build a warm network full of expertise and time to tackle the 'how' of food policy.

Already for the fourth year in a row, we bring together a strong group, traveling from Ostend over Brussels to Sint-Truiden. Time after time, we provide new energy, ideas, and enthusiasm to become even stronger in food policy.

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