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Let Us aims at achieving breakthrough innovations in the food system. Are you a local government? A food company or caterer? A producer or organisation?  Let Us connects different actors and develops new ideas, effective strategies and scaleable solutions.

Tailor-made advice and innovations

Food policies and innovations for governments

Katrien has been at the origins of Ghent en Garde, the city of Ghent's world-leading example of an urban food policy. Plans for your city? Do you want to develop a food policy of your own or tackle specific challenges and look for successful solutions? Then make us of Katrien's expertise! Let Us joins its forces with other experienced partners: Rikolto en Levuur.

Katrien has been working many years directly for me. She has a permanent 'can do' attitude, she is able to challenge the status quo in sustainability, to prepare a plan and to execute it. She was a pioneer in Sustainability, she is an expert in Food. It was a pleasure and a real honour to work with her.

Denis Knoops, ex CEO Delhaize

Katrien is one of the most thoughtful and strategic people I've had the pleasure to work with. She finds a way to be innovative yet pragmatic, analytic yet action oriented;

always guided by equity and sustainability principles.

Barbara Emanuel, City of Toronto


Katrien Verbeke


Bergenmeersstraat 15
9070 Destelbergen


+32 (0)476 93 50 95

BTW BE0739.897.489

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