Tailor-made services

All services will be tailor-made to your context but are based on methodologies with a strong track record. Below are some services that are readily available to be put at your service. 


Food policy development

We guide the bottom-up development of a sustainable food strategy in co-creation with all food actors.

  • Quick scan of the food environment

  • Stakeholder analysis

  • Developing a food policy and setting up governance structures

  • Follow-up: providing indicators and measurement tools

  • Making it happen: launching food system innovations

  • Learning cycles: facilitating city exchanges and providing trainings

Peer-to-peer learning

Strengthen your knowledge through our worldwide network of cities and other actors actively engaged in sustainable food policies.

  • In-depth interaction and exchange with actors from around the world

  • Identifying learning needs & partners

  • Get inspirational input and share own expertise

  • Focus on thematic challenges, creating ownership, communication, ...

  • Facilitating development of post-exchange follow-up plan

Sustainable innovation

Co-create innovative solutions for your city or organisation together with your stakeholders.

  • Taking you on a journey of multi-stakeholder design thinking process

  • Implementing innovations in a tailor-made way

  • Focus on effectiveness and impact

Food system assessment

Get a complete understanding of your local food system: from mapping to monitoring change

  • Defining and mapping your city region food system

  • Collecting data, setting-up indicators and monitoring change

  • Structuring this data according to your sustainability criteria

  • Translating your key findings into pathways of change

And much more to discover...

Multi-actor governance mechanisms​​

  • Guide and shape governance mechanisms for food systems' change

  • Implement strategy with multi-actor focus

  • Support internal capacity building


Short food supply chains to cities

  • Co-create innovative business models for distribution and logistics

  • Bring quality food to cities' markets

  • From exploratory research to follow-up of ongoing chain operations

Healthy and sustainable public procurement

  • Enable canteens and institutional kitchens to deliver healthy and sustainable food

  • Use of integrated approach to reach sustainable procurement

  • Transition process tailored to specific needs


Meet the partners of Let us

The international services of Let us are being developed and executed in close collaboration with the strong international organizations, RUAF and Rikolto.

RUAF, The Global Partnership on Sustainable Urban Agriculture and Food Systems (RUAF) is a consortium of expert institutions with a recognised track record in urban and peri-urban agriculture and urban food system solutions. They bring together cities, research institutions and civil society, and advise on multi-stakeholder policy and planning. RUAF aims for localised systems of production and consumption, resilient urban food systems and a strengthened role of cities in food policy governance. The RUAF GP Secretariat coordinates the input of RUAF and its wide network of RUAF associates.

Rikolto is an INGO focusing on inclusive and sustainable agri-food systems. Rikolto's experts are continuously on the look-out for new ways of collaboration and systemic solutions. Building on 40+ years of experience as an INGO, working closely together with farmer organisations, businesses, the public sector and food chain stakeholders worldwide, Rikolto is an excellent partner for improving your food system. All of the proceeds of Rikolto's consultancy services are invested in the social purpose of Rikolto.