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Entrepreneur in times of...

Getting started as an entrepreneur. Launching my own business. The seeds were planted in my head a long time ago. And now I'm ready to leverage on my 15 years of expertise in food and sustainability. Starting from my years as a Sustainability Manager for Delhaize Belgium and as coordinator of the food policy of the City of Ghent. Ready to develop innovative solutions together with you.

The challenges in our food system are numerous. Transition needs to speed up. Let us align local production better with local consumption so we can have food from the farmer around the corner. Let us have farmers that can set their prices and that are not undergoing the volatility of prices at the auction and the world market powerlessly. Don't let us throw away a third of our food. But find a solution for the crop surpluses of potatoes and asparagus. And let us make sure that we include everyone. Because a sustainable food system will be inclusive or not be at all.

Both on the business and government side, I have developed solutions to these challenges: in Ghent, we are showing how a city can have an impact on a food system with the food policy Ghent en Garde, the Food Council, a doggy bag, Foodsavers Ghent, neighbourhood fruit, etc. At Delhaize, I set up the sustainability strategy and, among other things, contributed to a sustainable fish policy together with WWF. In the Board of Directors of Kauri (The Shift), I already contributed to bringing together different players in sustainability.

Ready to work with governments and companies, large or small, near or far, on shorter chains, more inclusive food systems and less food waste. I would be happy to provide you with the right connections, bring in a fresh perspective and bring about innovation. With co-creation as a building block. Because together we can make our food system stronger. Let us be ready.


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